Shipping costs - worldwide

Weight: Europe (EU) - Standard Worldwide - Standard Worldwide - Premium
up to 500 g EUR 8.90** EUR 13.90* **
up to 1,000 g EUR 12.90 EUR 13.90* **
up to 2,000 g EUR 14.90 EUR 19.90*
up to 5,000 g EUR 16.90 EUR 36.90* EUR 52.90*

* shipping to some countries differs from these prices
** only for items that fit into a package with a maximum height of 3 cm

Premium = fast shipping for heavy weight packages
Shipping to European countries outside the EU, e.g. the UK, Switzerland or Norway is "worldwide" shipping

Please contact us concerning shipping costs when buying items weighting more than 5,000 g.

Please note: we do no longer offer cash on delivery for outside Germany.

No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.


 Shipping costs to Germany

Weight: Price:
up to 150 g EUR 3.90
up to 2,000 g EUR 5.90
up to 10,000 g EUR 6.90
up to 20,000 g EUR 10.90

When buying items amounting to EUR 150.00 or more and paying in advance we will pay all shipping costs.

Fee for cash on delivery (up to 5,000 g - no delivery to a DHL Packstation): EUR 13.90.