Products from Russia

Some Russian restraints are rather crude and square-edged compared to similar products from other countries. It seems that like in China the comfort of prisoners does not really matter in Russia. So some models should be more seen as a collector's item than as a restraint meant for use in Western countries.



Model: BRS-1, black
Condition: new
Keys: 1
Weight: 330 g

Price: EUR 49.90

These handcuffs are the same as the model shown above, except for the surface. The finish is blued (black oxide) instead of nickel plated. Such dark restraints are preferred by special police forces (SWAT-teams) and military units.




Model: CROT, nickel plated
Condition: new
Keys: 2
Weight: 415 g

Price: EUR 34.90

These nickel plated handcuffs are rather simple and rough. They are single lock only. So we recommend them as a collector's item. If you are looking for handcuffs for real (professional) use, you will find more suitable restraints in our stock.