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Here you can overview all our offered items (for some more items, please also have a look at the German page and feel free to contact us for translation):

1. Handcuffs
Alcyon 5050 standard handcuffs with chain, Spain A5050
Alcyon 5050-RIG standard handcuffs, rigid, Spain 5050R
Alcyon 5050-RIG, black standard handcuffs, rigid, black, Spain 5050S
Alcyon 5005 handcuffs, hinged, Spain A5005
Alcyon 5005, black handcuffs, hinged, black, Spain 5005S
Alcyon 5230 handcuffs with universal hinge, Spain A5230
Alcyon 5232 handcuffs, hinged, Spain A5232
Alcyon 5233 handcuffs, hinged, black oxide, Spain A5233
Alcyon 5235 handcuffs with chain, black oxide, Spain A5235
Alcyon 5236 handcuffs with universal hinge, black oxide, Spain A5236
Bonowi Trilock, chain Trilock handcuffs, chain, Germany BTRIK
Bonowi Trilock, hinged Trilock handcuffs, hinged, Germany BTRIS
Clejuso No. 101 high security handcuffs, hinged, Germany CL101
Clejuso No. 101-small high security handcuffs, hinged, small version, Germany C101K
Clejuso No. 102 high security handcuffs with chain, Germany CL102
Clejuso No. 102-small high security handcuffs with chain, small version, Germany C102K
Clejuso No. 11 handcuffs, nickel finish, Germany CL11N
Clejuso No. 11 A handcuffs, extra large diameter, nickel finish, Germany CL11A
Clejuso No. 12 handcuffs, stainless steel, Germany CL12N
Clejuso No. 12 A handcuffs, extra large diameter, stainless steel, Germany CL12A
Clejuso No. 12 A, black handcuffs, extra large diameter, black, Germany C12AS
Clejuso No. 12 A, coloured handcuffs, extra large diameter, 5 different colours, Germany C12AF
Clejuso No. 12 BY handcuffs, special bavarian variant, Germany CL12S
Clejuso No. 13 handcuffs, heavy, Germany CL13N
Clejuso No. 15 handcuffs, extreme heavy, Germany CL15N
Clejuso No. 19 R handcuffs, hinged, stainless steel, Germany CL19R
Clejuso No. 19 R, black handcuffs, hinged, black, Germany C19RS
CN-HC-01 handcuffs, type F.B.I., nineteen-thirties, China CHC01
CN-HC-013W handcuffs, special flat key, China HC13W
CN-HC-19W handcuffs, triple, China HC19W
CN-HC-02W handcuffs, triple hinge, China HC02W
CN-HC-03W handcuffs, double hinge, China HC03W
CN-HC-045W handcuffs with chain, China HC45W
CN-HC-04W handcuffs with chain, China HC04W
CN-HC-042W handcuffs, stainless steel, China HC42W
CN-HC-09W handcuffs with chain, large, China HC09W
CN-HC-11W handcuffs with enhanced bows, China HC11W
CN-HC-021Whigh security handcuffs, hinged, China HC21W
CN-Chinese-8-handcuffsChinese-8 handcuffs, China CNCN8
CN-cross-8-handcuffs cross-8 handcuffs, China CROS8
CN-deluxe-8-handcuffs deluxe-8 handcuffs, China DELX8
CN-single-handcuffs single handcuffs, China CNSHS
CN-heavy-handcuffs heavy handcuffs, China CNSHE
CN-single-deluxe single deluxe handcuffs, China CNEHE
CN-hc-steelbar handcuffs, steelbar, China CNHST
CN-core-lock-hc handcuffs with removable core locks, China CSSHS
CN-core-lock-bar-hc handcuffs with bar and removable core locks, China CSSSH
CN-core-lock-heavy-hc heavy single handcuffs with removable core locks, China CSSEH
CN-combination-lock-hc handcuffs with combination locks, China CNZHS
CN-leather-restraints leather wrist and leg restraints, China CNLHF
CN-leather-gloves leather gloves, China CNLHS
KCH010 handcuffs, color plated (7 colors available), South Korea KC010
KCH011 handcuffs, aluminium, South Korea KC011
KCH030 handcuffs, stainless steel, South Korea KC030
KCH050 handcuffs, carbon steel, South Korea KC050
KCH055 handcuffs, hinged, South Korea KC055
KCH701 high security handcuffs, aluminium, South Korea KC701
KCH705 high security handcuffs, carbon steel, South Korea KC705
Kel-Met standard standard handcuffs, stainless steel, Poland KELST
Kel-Met hinged hinged handcuffs, stainless steel, Poland KELSG
Kel-Met training training handcuffs, stainless steel, Poland KELTR
Kel-Met speedcuff speedcuff handcuffs, stainless steel, Poland KELSC
Peerless 700 Peerless 700 handcuffs, USA P700N
Peerless 701, black Peerless 701 handcuffs, black, USA P701P
Peerless 730 Peerless 730 handcuffs, aluminum, USA P730N
Peerless 730, black Peerless 730 handcuffs, lightweight, black, USA P730P
Peerless 801 Peerless 801 handcuffs, hinged, USA P801N
Peerless 802, black Peerless 802 handcuffs, hinged, black, USA P802P
PK-A8-cuffs A8-handcuffs, stainless steel, Pakistan PKA8H
PK-Darbys, adjustable handcuffs, several locking positions, Pakistan PKVHS
PK-Darbys, snap shut handcuffs, snap shut, Pakistan PKZSH
PK-Darbys handcuffs, darby style, broad, Pakistan PKDHS
PK-French handcuffs French handcuffs, Pakistan PKFHS
PK-Hamburg 8 Hamburg 8 handcuffs, Pakistan PKHH8
PK-Hamburg 8, oval Hamburg 8 handcuffs, oval, Pakistan PKOH8
PK-H8 handcuffs handcuffs with H8 locking mechanism, Pakistan PKHHS
PK-H8 Irish 8 Irish 8 cuffs with H8 locking mechanism, Pakistan PKIH8
PK-HS Irish 8 Irish 8 cuffs with tumbler locks, Pakistan PKI8Z
PK-Irish 8 Irish 8 handcuffs, Pakistan PKIR8
PK-double-cylinder double cylinder Irish 8 handcuffs, Pakistan PKI8D
PK-leather cuffs leather wrist and leg restraints, Pakistan PKLHF
PK-Turbo cuffs Turbo handcuffs, Pakistan PKTHS
Rivolier 03045 high security handcuffs with tumbler locks, France R3045
Rivolier 03053-2008 handcuffs with push buttons - 2008 version, France 3053N
S&W 1 Smith & Wesson handcuffs, USA SWM01
S&W 1H Smith & Wesson handcuffs, USA SWM1H
S&W M-100-MP Smith & Wesson handcuffs, USA 100MP
S&W M-100-MP-black Smith & Wesson handcuffs, black, USA SWMPM
S&W M-100 Smith & Wesson handcuffs, USA SW100
S&W M-100-black Smith & Wesson handcuffs, black, USA 100ME
S&W M-103 Smith & Wesson handcuffs, USA SW103
S&W M-104 Smith & Wesson handcuffs, USA SW104
S&W M-110 Smith & Wesson extra large handcuffs, USA SW110
S&W M-300 Smith & Wesson handcuffs, USA SW300
TCH-800 TCH handcuffs with chain, UK TC800
TCH-810 TCH handcuffs, hinged, UK TC810
TCH-840 TCH handcuffs, speedcuffs, UK TC840
TCH-850 TCH handcuffs, rigid hinged, UK TC850
TCH-930 TCH handcuffs, hinged, aluminium, UK TC930
UZI handcuffs UZI handcuffs, USA UZIHS
UZI standard hc UZI handcuffs, standard, 3 colors, USA UZISH
Yuil M-01 handcuffs, stainless steel, South Korea YUM01
Yuil M-03 handcuffs, rigid, South Korea YUM03
Yuil M-03-1 handcuffs, rigid, without ring, South Korea YM031
Yuil M-09 handcuffs, aluminium, South Korea YUM09
Yuil M-11 handcuffs, hinged, aluminium, South Korea YUM11
Yuil M-11-1 handcuffs, hinged, South Korea YM111
Yuil Y-001 handcuffs, extra large diameter, South Korea YY001

2. Leg Irons (shipment only within the EU)
Clejuso No. 8 leg irons, Germany CL08F
Clejuso No. 103 high security leg irons, Germany CL103
CN-FT-04 leg irons, large, China CFT04
CN-FT-21 leg irons with tumbler locks, China CFT21
CN-ellipse-leg-irons heavy ellipse  leg irons China CNSFE
CN-single-deluxe-leg-irons single deluxe ellipse  leg irons China CNEFE
CN-singe-leg-irons single leg irons, China CNSFS
CN-core-lock-leg-irons leg irons with removable core locks, China CSSFS
CN-combination-lock-leg-irons leg irons w9th combination locks, China CNZFS
KCH-leg irons leg irons, South Korea KCHFS
Kel-Met leg irons leg irons, stainless steel, Poland KELFS
PK-leg irons leg irons, reproduction of "Bavarian Justice", Pakistan PKBFS
PK-leg irons leg irons, darby style, broad, Pakistan PKDFS
PK-leg irons I8-HH8 Irish 8 leg irons with Hamburg 8 locks, Pakistan PKH8F
PK-leg irons, snap shut leg irons, darby style, snap shut, Pakistan PKZSF
PK-HH8-leg irons leg irons, HH8 style, snap shut, Pakistan PKFH8
PK-leg irons large leg irons, several locking positions, Pakistan PKVFS
PK-I8-leg irons Irish 8 leg irons, Pakistan PKI8F
PK-double-cylinder-leg irons double cylinder, Irish 8 leg irons, Pakistan PK8FD
PK-I8-HS-leg irons Irish 8 leg irons with tumbler locks, Pakistan PK8FZ
PK-I8-leg irons, bar Irish 8 leg irons with bar connection, Pakistan PKSTF
S&W M-110 Smith & Wesson extra large handcuffs, USA SW110
S&W M-1900 Smith & Wesson leg irons M-1900, USA S1900
S&W M-1900 M&P Smith & Wesson leg irons M-1900 M&P, USA S19MP
UZI leg irons UZI leg irons, USA UZIFS
Yuil MY-005 leg irons, South Korea MY005

3. Other Restarints and Combinations
Clejuso No. 128M combination: handcuffs and leg irons, Germany C128M
Clejuso No. 17 heavy handcuff with anchor, Germany CL17N
Clejuso disposable plastic single strap cuffs, Germany CLPEW
CN-FT-02 combination: handcuffs and leg irons, China CFT02
CN-FT-03 combination: handcuffs and leg irons, China CFT03
CN-HC-412 belly chain with handcuffs, China HC412
CN-collar, rolled steel smooth collar, rolled, China CNHER
CN-collar, integrated lock collar with interated lock, China CNHES
CN-collar, core-lock collar with removable core lock, China CSSHE
CN-collar, smooth smooth collar, China CNHEE
CN-combination, collar-handcuffs combination of collar and handcuffs with removable core locks, China CSSHH
CN-combination, collar-handcuffs.legirons combination of collar, handcuffs and leg irons with removable core locks, China CSHHF
CN-combination, handcuffs-legirons combination of handcuffs and leg irons with removable core locks, China CSSHF
CN-core-lock-spreader-combination spreader-combination of collar and handcuffs with removable core locks, China CNSSS
CN-combination, core-lock combination with bars and removable core locks, China CSSKO
CN-disposable double strap cuff disposable double strap cuff, China CNEWF
CN-disposable single strap cuff disposable single strap cuff, China CNEWP
Kel-Met combination combination, stainless steel, Poland KELKO
Kel-Met disposable disposable cuffs, Poland KELEW
PK-collar, broad heavy broad collar, stainless steel, Pakistan PKBHE
PK-collar, ergonomic shape Darby collar, allen screw, ercomomic shape, removable ring, Pakistan PKHER
PK-collar, grub screw Darby collar, stainless steel, grub screw, Pakistan PKHEE
PK-collar, round Darby collar, stainless steel, allen screw, round, Pakistan PKRHE
PK-collar Darby collar, Pakistan PKEHE
PK-collar, fluted fluted Darby collar, Pakistan PHRHE
PK-collar, spiked spiked collar, stainless steel, Pakistan PKSHE
PK-link-collar collar with chain links, Pakistan PKGHE
PK-link-collar, stainless steel collar with chain links, stainless steel, Pakistan PKGEH
PK-giant-link-collar collar with giant chain links, Pakistan PKGGH
PK-chain cuffs chain handcuffs, Pakistan PKMFK
Peerless belly chain Peerless belly chain, two sizes, USA PSCBK
Peerless connector chain new: Peerless connector chain / transport chain, USA PSCTK
S&W handcuffs-belly chain new: Smith & Wesson handcuffs with belly chain, USA S1800
Yuil CY-3 combination handcuffs-leg iron, South Korea YUCY3
Yuil belt-restraint belt-restraint, South Korea YB800
Yuil Safe-T-Cuffs disposable double strap cuffs, South Korea YUSTC
Yuil M-08 disposable single strap cuffs, South Korea YUM08

4. Collector's Corner
Clejuso No. 12 R vintage German handcuffs CL12R
Hiatts 1960 Hiatts 1960 handcuffs, England H1960
Nipper - wooden handles chain nipper from France with wooden handles FKKMH
Come along three different German chain nippers KKCKU
La Pegy vintage French handcuffs LPDFR
Rivolier 1955 vintage French handcuffs, model 1955 R1955
Rivolier Type 72 rare French handcuffs, model Rivolier Type 72 RIT72

5. Accessoires
AHC spare keys American Handcuff Company spare keys, USA AHCES
Blue Box Blue Box, USA
Clejuso spare keys Clejuso spare keys, Germany CLEES
Clejuso belt Clejuso belt, Germany CLHSG
Clejuso connector chain Clejuso connector chain, Germany CLEVK
China connector chain Connector chain, China CNVBK
Grey starter-set Grey starter-set, China CNSOG
Human-Restraint-protectors Humane Restraint Neoprene-protectors, USA HRNKV
KCH-spare keys Kyoung Chang spare keys, South Korea KCHES
Kel-Met spare key Kel-Met spare keys, Poland KELES
Kel-Met holster Cordura holster, Poland KELCT
Rivolier neoprene glove Rivolier neoprene protective glove, France RIVNP
Rivolier spare key Rivolier spare key, France RIVES
S&W / Peerless spare key Smith & Wesson or Peerless spare key, USA SWPEK
Yuil closed holster handcuff-holster, closed type, black leather, South Korea YUTGE
Yuil open holster handcuff-holster, open type, black leather, South Korea YUTOF
UZI keys UZI spare keys, USA UZIES

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